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“Well-Founded Fear”

One Year Filing Deadline: After arriving in the U.S., an immigrant generally has one year to file for asylum. After the one year deadline, the asylum applicant must show either 1) “extraordinary circumstances” that prevented him/her from filing the application or 2) “changed circumstances” in his/her home country that justify the applicant’s current fear of returning.

Probability of Success: The standard under U.S. law for proving a “well-founded fear” of returning to one’s home country is very difficult. However, if a person has truly been persecuted in his/her home country or has a genuine fear of returning, we will work very hard to collect as much evidence as possible to fight your case. But be aware that if the application filed is determined to be frivolous (without any basis or merit), the applicant may be forever denied from applying for immigration benefits in the United States.

We can advise you if there is a realistic possibility of success and whether the evidence is enough to support such an application.

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